[VIDEO] The reunion of the haves and have-nots: Angela Robinson on homophobia

Anyone with a heart must have winced – and we’re talking about a parcel – watching The haves and have-nots‘Angela Robinson brings Clean Soap’s Wicked Queen Veronica Harrington to life. It wasn’t just that the character was as vicious as they come, is that the harpy was horribly homophobic.

The actress, too, gritted her teeth with a certain regularity. For example, as she admits in the preview above of Part 2 of Tyler Perry’s special reunion drama (Tuesday 8 / 7c), “When people come up to me and say, ‘I just love you!’ I get a little [worried] – like what about do you like it? ‘ I always want to be sure it’s not his homophobia, because the gay community has been one of my most supportive. “

Robinson, whose sublime villainous take on the show made Veronica a villain for the ages, continues to confess that at first she struggled to play someone who was both so hateful and hated. “But what I tried to do was represent the stories of my friends,” she explains. “I had the impression that if I represented these people [like Veronica] well and sincerely that they would see each other and say, “I don’t want to be that”, and maybe they’ll approach it differently if their kids tell them about it.

Time and time again, Robinson has hoped against all hope that Veronica would have a revelation and form some kind of non-toxic relationship with her son, Jeffrey, who is gay. But then something happened that made her realize there was value in both not embrace and be reconciled. To find out what it was, press PLAY on the video above. Then tap on comments. Does anybody not pray that Perry decides to do a Veronica vs. Hanna spinoff?

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