Unofficial Discussion – Raya and the Last Dragon [SPOILERS] : movies

I don’t like the fact that the dragons came back at the end. it turns the moral of the story.

my understanding of the story is that, the moral here is Faith in humanity, in each other. at the start of the movie we learned that just after the First druun crisis humans fought to control the dragon gem – the last reminder of the dragons and their power. my interpretation is, they have Faith in the power of the dragons, but not in themselves; it is therefore crucial that “our tribe”, and not “their tribe”, control the gem. by the end of the movie, people learned to have Faith into each other, and it worked. the Second druun crisis* has been resolved. I think the message here is from have faith in humanity, not dragons. even Sisu has said it herself, Druuns are the manifestation of human distrust, hammering even more the idea that trust in people is key.

but the returning dragons mean that the original power that keeps the world at peace still exists, people have learned to believe each other in order to overcome difficulties, but the powerful problem solvers – the dragons – are still here to help. help them. the dragons should have disappeared completely, mirroring the situation 500 years ago; but this time, because people have faith in humanity, there will be no more state of disunity, there will be no more trials, wars and miseries. there will be only peace.

side note: I also have mixed feelings towards the pay with credit to joke. First, I don’t like it being a joke. while it’s fun, it distracts Raya’s attention, interfering with an intense moment. however, I also like that they talked about it. a credit-based barter system is a real thing that exists; you agree to exchange something with someone knowing that in the future they will exchange something in return. the fact that such a system exists in the film means that people actually trust each other, that the trust just needs to be broadened compared to the moral of the story.

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