The Thief and the Cobbler Chase Scene 8K Restoration: movies

The animation quality of this film is breathtaking and a shame it never received the attention it deserves, nor the respect towards Richard Williams it deserved from movie studios. He had worked there for over 20 years and got fired from his own project. Miramax’s theatrical cut (given in cereal boxes in the 90s) slays Williams’ vision.

If anyone is curious, the Re-Cobbled Cut comes highly recommended as it restores and implements so much cut content to make it what Williams’ original vision was. Keep in mind though: much of the restored content in this cut still features storyboard designs and sketches with the audio intact as there was technically nothing animated for the scenes in question. Personally, I rank it as the best fan montage. Would love to see the climax of this movie be remastered in 8K as well

And if anyone wants more animations like this, check out Son of the white mare, which recently got a 4K restore and Blu-ray release and is absolutely bonkers. Trailer here

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