‘The Resident’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 – Will Mina Go to Nigeria?

Mina Okafor has found a way around the looming threat of eviction – but The resident fans won’t like it.

During the Fox drama midseason premiere on Tuesday, the Chastain Park surgeon announced her plan to avoid being sent out of the United States: she voluntarily returned home to Nigeria.

Although Mina’s immigration attorney filed an appeal in her case, which would save her time to prove that Dr. Cain is behind this legal mess, Mina solemnly became aware that the appeal process could take months … and her visa expires next week. . If she chooses to return to Nigeria on her own, at least she can apply to return to the United States one day; if she is deported, it is unlikely that she will ever return.

At the end of the hour, Mina made her choice to return home, largely influenced by the guilt she feels that her mother is working in a collapsing Nigerian health system as many of the best surgeons leave Nigeria. to practice medicine in America – not unlike Mina herself.

“I’m part of the problem,” Mina told AJ. “My mom won’t always be able to have so many surgeries a day. She will need help… This is the answer to my visa problem. This is the answer to everything. I don’t want to fight anymore. Go alone, before I can be kicked out. I am going back to Nigeria. “

And even though AJ was taken aback by Mina’s announcement, she was surely even more surprised by his response: “I’m coming with you.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Conrad treated a pregnant patient named Tina, who was carrying the baby that Dr. Bell’s ex-stepson Jake and her husband planned to adopt. But when Tina’s conservative parents learned that a gay couple would take care of the child, they blocked the adoption, leaving Jake and Gregg heartbroken. However, they were also completely convinced that they had done the right thing by revealing to Tina’s parents that they were gay instead of hiding their relationship. “Our baby is still there,” Gregg reassured her husband. “We just don’t know who he or she is yet.”

Meanwhile, Cain showed the slightest vulnerability with sickle cell patient Rose (who knew he was capable?), Jessica and Irving escaped in a sweet private ceremony to an aquarium, and Devon was relieved. to learn that he was able to do it. do not the father of Princess Nadine’s new baby, after all.

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