Shining detail of Carl Weather in Predator: Movies

Carl Weathers shot a brilliant thing here that probably goes unnoticed unless you’ve seen Predator literally 1000 times like me.

The scene is as follows:

As he says “I woke up. Why not you? … I used you to do the job, I got it !?”, you can see in his eyes that he is only saying this because ‘He wants him to appear in control and hold his position, even if he regrets it. You can see in his teary eyes that he doesn’t believe a word he says but has to stay in the act and look harsh. At the end of his speech, he even clenches his jaw nervously.

His character later wants to redeem himself and that’s where it all started. It’s a really smart detail and Carl Weathers got this character.

You know, Predator is generally considered to be a macho movie where the characters are just tough and that’s it, but they’re actually more than that. They are really fleshed out without ever giving them a backstory. The way they interact with each other speaks volumes.

Truly a masterpiece. Excuse me, I’m going to watch it again.

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