Shelley Duvall reflects on The Shining and works with Stanley Kubrick

Hollywood legend Shelley Duvall is a bit of a recluse these days, but the star of The brilliant and many other classic films touched on his life and career in a new interview. The last time most of us saw Duvall, she was featured in a highly doomed episode of Dr Phil who has been criticized for taking advantage of the retired actress. Speaking to Seth Abramovich at The Hollywood Reporter, Duvall resurfaced with a must-see interview for all of his fans.

Commonly, Stanley kubrick was a demanding filmmaker to work with, known for being a perfectionist and demanding a ridiculous amount of takes for different scenes. Rumor has it that he was particularly harsh on Duvall, so his performance as a terrified housewife would be more believable. To see how the shoot actually looked from Shelley’s perspective, the actress admitted that the shoot The brilliant was really quite difficult depending on how much crying she had to do for the role.

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“After a while your body rebels. It says, ‘Stop doing this to me. I don’t want to cry every day. “And sometimes that thought alone made me cry. To wake up on a Monday morning, so early, and realize that you had to cry all day because it was planned – I just started to cry. No, I can’t, I can’t. And yet I did it. I don’t know how I did it. Jack told me that too. He said, ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ “

During the interview, Shelley duvall was also shown a clip of the famous staircase scene from The brilliant after noting that she hadn’t seen him for a long time. Just watching the video brought tears to Duvall’s eyes yet again, as she praised her co-star Jack Nicholson on his compelling portrayal of a psychotic murderer. When asked why she was crying, Duvall noted this.

“Because we filmed this for about three weeks. Every day. It was very hard. Jack was so good – so scary. I can only imagine how many women go through this kind of thing.”

While playing Wendy Torrance hasn’t been easy, Duvall doesn’t seem to have any ill will towards Kubrick. She suggests that while the filmmaker was a bit abrasive on set, he was also “very warm and friendly” to the actress. As Duvall explains here.

“He has that tendency in him. He definitely has that. But I think mostly because people have been at some point in the past. His first two films were Kiss of the killer and The slaughter. No, [he wasn’t cruel]. He was very warm and friendly to me. He spent a lot of time with Jack and me. He just wanted to sit and talk for hours on end while the crew waited. And the crew would say, “Stanley, we have about 60 people on hold.” But it was very important work. “

Almost not everyone would have been able to endure the exhaustion Shiny shoot, but we can all equally agree that Duvall’s work in the film is one of the greatest cinematic performances ever already. Duvall may have mostly stayed to herself these days, so it’s certainly wonderful to hear how she’s doing lately. You can view the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

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