Shailene Woodley to star in Showtime drama adaptation

Showtime gave a direct command to the series at three women, based on non-fiction New York Times bestselling book by author Lisa Taddeo, featuring Emmy nominee Shailene Woodley (Big little lies) attached to the star, according to Deadline. Taddeo would adapt his first non-fiction novel for the Showtime Project.

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In three women, described as an intimate and haunting portrayal of American female desire, three women take a crash course to dramatically change their lives. Lina, a housewife in suburban Indiana, is a decade into a passionless marriage when she embarks on an affair that quickly becomes all-consuming and transforms her life. Sloane, a glamorous entrepreneur from the Northeast, has an open marriage to Richard, until two sexy new strangers threaten their ambitious romance. Maggie, a college student from North Dakota, goes through an intense storm after accusing her married English teacher of an inappropriate relationship. Gia (Woodley), a writer who mourns the loss of her family, persuades each of these three spectacular “ordinary” women to tell her their stories, and her relationship with them changes the course of her life forever.

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“Shailene Woodley is an undeniable powerhouse who never fails to deliver flawlessly honest performance,” said Amy Israel, EVP, Scripted Programming, Showtime Networks. “We are more than delighted that she is at the forefront of this electrifying spectacle. three women promises to be a captivating and immersive exploration of female desire, told by women in charge of their own narratives. Lisa Taddeo and Laura Eason’s adaptation crackles with emotion and edge and, paired with the exceptional directing of Louise Friedberg, this Showtime series promises to be everyone’s next obsession.

The book, published in 2019 by Simon & Schuster, tells the story of three American women who have suffered private and / or public backlash for their sexual desires. It took Taddeo “a decade to research it, bring it back and write it,” the author settling in the cities of his novel’s subjects in order to “achieve complete authenticity.” Gia’s story in the project reflects Taddeo’s experience in developing the novel.

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three women is produced by Taddeo with showrunner Laura Eason, Kathy Ciric and Emmy Rossum. Louise Friedberg (Y: The last man) will direct and produce the first two episodes.

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