Scrapped Iron Fist Season 3 plot details revealed by Finn Jones

Iron fist Season 3 details have been revealed by Find Jones. Netflix chose to cancel the Marvel series a little over two years ago. The streaming service ultimately cut each of its Marvel live-action offerings in a somewhat unexpected movie. Now Jones has drawn the curtain on what could have been.

The actor is currently promoting Dickinson season 2. The actor behind Danny Rand, in a recent interview, was asked about the possible season 3 for Marvel’s Iron Fist that never happened. Finn Jones explained what would have happened if the show hadn’t been canceled. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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“Raven [Metzner], who was the showrunner for the second season, and I was sure there would be a season 3, so we had it all designed. I was so excited to get into this. It was really going to be Danny finally taking on the role of Iron Fist, fully accomplished, fully charged and totally in control of his shit, too. It was gonna be this amazing story [with] Danny and Ward out of foreign lands like an almost buddy scenario. And then you had Colleen in New York, isolated with this new power, struggling to come to terms with her identity and with that power. At some point we would have met again and probably formed this insane power couple. [or] superhero relationship. Really, Season 3 had so much promise and it’s a shame to see it wasted and never reach its full potential. “

Iron fist debuted in 2017. Season 1 was not widely praised, but Season 2 was seen as an improvement. It stands to reason that they could have improved the formula further in Season 3. In addition to the solo seasons, Finn Jones has also appeared in the Defenders miniseries. Jones, in the same interview, became outspoken about the pain he felt when the show was canceled.

“It’s horrible. It’s like the death of a close friend or family member. You’ve spent years building this other world within yourself and sharing that other person with the whole world. Usually with movies or plays you see that arc through. There is a journey. But with “Iron Fist” it was like we just got to the top. We got there. We got there. had just changed the series. We had just done such a great job, really getting it back on track. And then, within three weeks of its release, all [the Marvel Netflix shows] were wiped out. It was sad. It was stunted. It was like losing a dear friend. It’s just a shame. I can’t say much else. “

Marvel Studios has decided to take its TV offerings in a different direction. Starting with WandaVision, future shows will be heavily connected to the MCU and will live primarily on the Disney + streaming service. Shows like Iron first always felt quite removed from the MCU. And the characters from Netflix have never been referenced in the movies.

That may change though. Marvel Studios has since regained the rights to Daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke Cage and Iron fist. There are even rumors that Charlie Cox will appear in Spider-Man 3. So even if another season is off the table, Finn Jones might still have another chance, depending on how Marvel wants to play it. This news comes to us via Collider.

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