“Scenes of a Marriage” premiere recap: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain

The perfect marriage does not exist. However, the growing discontent between Mira and Jonathan in HBO and Hagai Levi’s modern adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 classic Scenes from a wedding is so realistic and raw that it will cause all kinds of couples to question the strength of their unions.

The tension first surfaced at Sunday’s premiere when Mira reluctantly agreed to an interview with a doctoral student alongside Jonathan. After asking about attributes that husband and wife couldn’t imagine without, the college student revealed that she focuses on married couples where the wife is the primary breadwinner. Jonathan and Mira do the trick because he’s a college professor who mainly looks after their four-year-old daughter, Ava, and she’s a tech executive who works around the clock.

Mira, who has been married to Jonathan for 10 years, became increasingly irritable when the topic of childcare came up, as well as when she listed attributes. For example, she has subconsciously described herself as a mother twice. She also continued to check her phone, which is unclear whether she was texting someone at work or maybe a secret lover. (More on that later.)

Scenes from a wedding, Mira and JonathanEither way, the student’s questions pissed off Mira a lot more than they bothered Jonathan, and once the interview was over, that was all Mira could talk about with their friends Kate and Peter. that evening during dinner. Sadly, talking about the state of their marriage inspired their polyamorous friends to do the same, and Kate revealed she was heartbroken over her boo side with Nathan ditching her. This obviously bothered her husband Peter, who said he had never fallen in love with his mistresses and that the arrangement only worked if love was not on the table.

At one point, Kate started yelling at a passive-aggressive Peter, and Mira separated the two by taking Kate upstairs to her and Jonathan’s bedroom. That’s when Mira inquired about her friend and told her that Kate only opened their wedding because Peter kept cheating on her. But Kate said it was more complicated than that and she started to desire Peter more. after she got involved with Nathan. Somewhere along the way, their sons passed each other and Kate started kissing Mira, who quickly brushed off the sexy gesture, forcing Kate to apologize for being vigorous and drunk.

When the women joined their husbands downstairs, a drunken Peter was screaming so loudly about why monogamy was a sham, Mira had to ask him to leave because he had woken Ava with a start. Kate and Peter left, Ava fell asleep again and Mira and Jonathan were finally alone, which was a good thing as Mira had news. She was pregnant. A birth control snafu and the assumption that being nearly 40 would make her less fertile had taken them to a scary and unexpected place.

Wedding scenesMira had texted her doctor during the interview earlier today and was trying to decide what to do. On the one hand, Ava said she wanted a little sister. But on the other hand, Mira had struggled with both postpartum depression and career setbacks after her extended maternity leave with Ava. Jonathan panicked and had an asthma attack when he heard the news at first, but then started to get excited about having another baby.

And it looked like Mira was starting to entertain the idea of ​​expanding her family too, until the next scene where Mira and Jonathan were sitting in her doctor’s office while her doctor explained the steps and side effects of chemical abortions. . Jonathan tried to put on a brave face. He even rushed over to the soda machine to get her something to wash off the pills, but he was clearly sorry for Mira’s decision. Mira struggled as powerfully, and the gravity of her choice grew so heavy that she asked Jonathan to leave the room, and she covered her head with a sheet and sobbed.

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