‘Riverdale’ Season 5B spoilers – Toni, Betty and Archie

When RiverdaleDoes Toni still make music? Will #OneChicago surpass its big cliffhangers? When can Disney + turn on Ms. Marvel? Read on for answers to these questions and teases from other shows. (Email any new questions to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

How long i am worried Riverdale‘s Toni is going to be gone due to Vanessa Morgan’s maternity leave. Do you have any information on when we might expect her to appear in the second half of Season 5 (which premieres August 11)? I hope she does at least make the annual musical. –FG
“Toni is back on time for our annual musical episode,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told Inside Line. “She’s actually back in time for our ‘Pussycat’ episode. And she performs a musical number with Tabitha Tate and special visitor Alexandra Cabot, which is divine. “

The last time we heard RAS [Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa] about Betty and Archie he said they were “more than just a booty call” … only for them to end their fling the next episode with Archie referring to her as a booty call LOL . What can we expect from them in the second half of the season? –Anon
I relayed your (ahem) pointed question to RAS, and he replied, “LOL. It’s just. But I’ll add: Betty and Archie’s story isn’t over yet, and their relationship deepens, especially as we move into the latter part of the episodes.

Will Raven and Beast Boy’s relationship be more than friends in Titans Season 3? –Danielle
I’d love to help you out, but Raven / Rachel hasn’t appeared in any screeners I’ve bunged to so far – although Gar possesses tried to keep in touch with her during her stay in Themyscira.

in my exploration Titans I want more information on this. –Esmanur
One thing you should know Titans‘The Season 3 trailer is that the footage is almost exclusively from the first two episodes. The story is moving fast!

GOOD PROBLEM - Is there any hope left for Good problemis that Callie and Jamie? -Married
Callie and her new boyfriend, Gael, might be taking showers right now, but as showrunner Joanna Johnson points out, “Jamie and Callie have a chemistry that you can’t really deny, and even they do have beliefs. conflicting about some things, I don’t know if Callie is really 100 percent above Jamie or 100 percent above her, ”Johnson says.“ What really broke them was the ethical differences, and maybe once they can see it in a different light, they may realize that they overreacted. “Johnson also notes that despite their breakup,” Jamie continues to meet in [Callie’s] life. There must be something out there that is meant to be in the sense that it always ends up being a complication in her life.

I know the details surrounding the new seasons of #OneChicago are being kept under wraps, but are we in some kind of time jump after the finale? –Krista
Excellent question! i hear that Chicago fire and PD will actually pick up where their respective finals left off. I’m not quite sure With‘s plan for now, however.

I do not see Talent game on Fox’s fall range. Is it canceled or does it come back mid-season? -Mrs
The renewed or canceled spell of Talent game, like with Name this melody, remains to be determined.

In the dark ChloeWill we ever see Chloe again on In the dark? -Married
i hear that Yes, Calle Walton will appear again as Chloe in the CW series.

On Star girl, will Courtney’s brother, Mike, end up as Johnny Lightning with Thunderbolt? -Pierre
I can assure you that anyone who first uses Thunderbolt and its very unpredictable powers has a whole a lot of fun with. It’s a very entertaining episode, helped by some very cool visual effects.

Anything about SEAL team? –Jeffrey
I can confirm that series vet Judd Lormand will be making an appearance as Blackburn in the Season 5 premiere (airing Sunday, October 10). I can also confirms that I told showrunner Spencer Hudnut that since BONE Emily Deschanel was invited as Nathan Fillion’s ex-wife on The recruit, it is now his turn to have Chateau Lady Stana Katic appears alongside David Boreanaz on SEAL team. After dealing with my reciprocal crossing pitch, he replied, “That would be fun! I am a good fan of her.

lucifer season 6What is the time jump between Lucifer Season 5 and season 6? -Exit
it does not give the impression too much a huge jump, although it’s long enough that Chloe gets a little curious as to why Lucifer hasn’t officially started his new job in the Silver City yet….

Can we expect familiar faces to return for Luciferis it the farewell race? -Isaac
Supernatural series pilot killer – music producer Jimmy Barnes – plays a central role in first episode, as Lucifer explains exactly what it will mean for to be God.

I binged season 1 of Bad on Netflix last year and loved it! Do you know if season 2 will arrive on Netflix even though the series is on Paramount +? – Shea
I think you answered your own question there. Because Bad is now a Paramount + show, its days of streaming everywhere else are dunzo.

Good Witch 7x10 Series FinalWill be Good witch have fallout? –Pallas
No TV movie is planned at the moment or Hallmark Channel charmer fallout canceled.

News on Ms. Marvelthe release date of Disney +? Only a week or two ago they were saying 2021, but now by my calculations (after the announcement of the Hawk Eye premiere date) they don’t have enough weeks on the calendar without doubling up a few episodes. –Lee
I asked around and it’s very safe to assume at this point that Ms. Marvel is now on track for a premiere in early 2022.

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