“Rebel” final recap: Did the ABC drama have a happy ending?

RebelThe eponymous heroine is a hot mess, and the two-hour finale of the ABC drama reaffirmed exactly why that’s one of her best attributes.

With reporters camped outside due to his arrest for drunk and disorderly driving, Rebel’s house was in disarray. To make matters worse, their expert witness Cartson was having a nervous breakdown and was unable to testify. Additionally, Ziggy, who was still angry with Grady for having a secret child in love, lashed out at reporters in a rant that went viral.

Things were no better in court as Cruz battled against Stonemore’s ruthless lawyers. Benji discredited one of his witnesses on the stand and made another come across as quite rude during cross-examination. Benji then handed the reins over to Rebel’s daughter Cassidy, who shot Misha’s credibility by exposing her affair with a married colleague – a private information Nathaniel confidently confided to Cassidy while contemplating her relationship.

James Lesure and Andy Garcia in Rebel Season 1Stonemore’s tactics were even more questionable outside the courtroom. They paid Ziggy’s boyfriend Sean $ 20,000 to trick Rebel into believing Ziggy had overdosed and was in the hospital. Additionally, Cartson mysteriously disappeared and her husband was found drugged on the floor after the cops monitoring them were called in for an emergency. Both were false alarms: Ziggy had been in court the entire time, and Carston left a voicemail message with cryptic clues that led Rebel and Lana to a random storage unit. After digging through mountains of trash, they found a jump drive and the key to winning their case.

Back in court, Cruz took some time calling Nathaniel to the stand to explain the design in excruciating detail. Meanwhile, Lana and Rebel rushed over to Misha, who did not understand the attached documents. Why was there evidence that the valves were tested on humans with healthy hearts? Rebel quickly pieced things together and made a mad dash to the Attorney General’s office with Lana in tow.

Elsewhere, Grady tried to convince Ziggy to chat with her boyfriend Sean, who was caught fleeing to Las Vegas. He only took the money so he could help his younger brother who was stuck with a horrible adoptive mother. The trio then passed by said woman’s house and smuggled the young boy out undetected.

Cruz again tried to take it longer and almost reached the end of his rope when Rebel burst through the doors with important and disturbing information: Stonemore tested their heart valves on healthy inmates in exchange for recommendations from early release. Following this revelation, Cruz left a final settlement offer on the table – $ 600 million plus covered costs to remove the valve and a warranty to take their defective product off the market. Stonemore, of course, relented.

The mood at Rebel changed unlike the start of the trial. Everyone was happy and celebrating the big victory. Ziggy’s college fund was safe, Sean’s brother would now live with them, Misha and Nathaniel reconciled after Nathaniel told her his secret, and Nathaniel and Misha even buried the hatchet after the betrayal of the courtroom. Plus, Cassidy has found a new case that she, Rebel, and Benji can all work on together. Cheers.

What did you think of this hopeful ending? Are you upset that Rebel has been cancelled? Rate the finale and the season as a whole below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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