[PHOTO] Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo host Grey’s Anatomy reunion

About eighteen months since his hoax Grey’s Anatomy Out, a barely recognizable Justin Chambers reunited with his former onscreen BFF Ellen Pompeo on Friday night on the actress’ Instagram feed.

Sporting bleached blonde hair, Chambers – playfully playing the part of a waiter – can be seen interrupting Pompeo’s seemingly intimate dinner with his former co-star Eric Dane. “What do you want for dinner?” Chambers asks the pair, prompting Pompeo to break character. In a later video (also posted on Pompeo’s Instagram Stories – look here before it disappears!), Pompeo captures Chambers and Dane sitting silently next to each other.

Scroll down to check out a pair of screenshots of the mini.Grey’s meeting.

Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers

Justin chambers

Chambers has kept a fairly low profile since leaving Grey’s Anatomy in the midst of controversy a year and a half ago. (The actor’s last episode aired in November 2019, but viewers weren’t sure it was his swan song until his release was publicly announced two months later. Chambers returned later, but only as a voiceover, for his farewell installment in March 2020, which revealed that Alex had left his wife Jo and reunited with ex Izzie, who had their children.)

“For me personally for Karev to go back to the beginning…. Was the best screenplay possible,” Pompeo wrote on social media at the time. “It pays homage to those amazing early years and the incredible cast… that created such a solid foundation that the show is still relevant today. So let’s not be sad. As our fearless leader [episode director Debbie Allen] always says, let’s remove and celebrate the actors, writers and the fantastic crew who bring this show to life every week. “

Prior to that, Pompeo called Chambers’ exit one of the Grey’s Anatomy“The biggest losses to date”.

To date, neither Chambers nor anyone related to Grey’s Anatomy revealed the reason for the actor’s abrupt departure – although Chambers hinted that the desire to pursue other projects had played a role.

“There is no right time to say goodbye to a series and a character that has marked my life so much over the past 15 years,” Chambers said in a statement at the time. “For some time, however, I have hoped to diversify my acting roles and career choices. And, as I am 50 years old and blessed with my remarkable and supportive wife and five wonderful children, now is the time. As I move from Grey’s Anatomy, I want to thank the ABC family, Shonda Rimes, original cast members Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens, and the rest of the amazing cast and crew, past and present, and, of course, the fans for an extraordinary ride. “

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