New video from Indiana Jones 5 set reveals Nazi return

I guarantee you Spielberg is calling George Lucas yelling at him “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SOLD ARE DRUNK TO DISNEY TOO!” Because after Schindler’s list, Spielberg really regrets painting the Nazis as Saturday morning cartoon villains.

Witch Fun Fact: Was the main reason Roger Rabbit 2 was put aside because it was going to be a prequel where Roger would be enlisted during WWII to fight the cartoon character created by the Nazis, and like Amblin Entertainment was a co-financier of the first film (and because Disney was desperate for the money and hit they weren’t thinking about ownership) Amblin Entertainment was actually able to force Disney to cancel the project because they partially own the rights to it. author on all Roger Rabbit characters / merchandise

(Plus, since it’s set in the 60s / 70s, how the hell a bunch of neo-Nazis can afford all this bullshit, and also not get arrested)

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