Michael, the son of ‘Seal Team’, did he disappear in season 4? – TV questions

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! After another week of TV, we’re running queries left and right on shows including The Flash team, Prodigal Son, SEAL, the Golden Globes and Mom!

1 | Ginny and Georgia definitely not Gilmore Girls, but Joe = Luke, Paul = Max and Zion = Chris, right?

Punky brewster2 | Can you say that Punky Brewster scene was shot using a green screen and separate outlets for each actor, to comply with COVID protocols? We neither!

3 | Peloton, Zillow navigation, home fitness mirrors, real crime frenzy…. AT SNL fully exploited the well of pandemic-era hobbies?

4 | After the Golden globesZoom fiasco, wouldn’t it be wise for the Grammys (airing March 14) and the Oscars (airing April 25) for the winners to pre-record their speeches earlier in the day? And was Al Pacino taking a nap or looking down at his phone during that commercial break? (If the former, it feared he woke up to lose to Josh O’Connor from The crown.)

5 | Does not have American gods do a quiet enough job to eliminate Marilyn Manson from this week’s episode?

6 | Has there been a deeper break on television this year than Rainn Wilson, himself playing on The recruit, alluding to his role in Fox’s one-and-done Backstrom? Plus, given that this episode was obviously on the shelf for a while (Jackson was still dating the actor), are you surprised they aired it on all?

7 | If you had to evaluate Men in kilts“ Sam and Graham on their dance skills – which both suit are almost non-existent – who would be better?

Bachelor: Women say it all 8 | Whose mysterious blonde hair hides behind Katie on The bachelor: women say it all? Whoever it is has been edited from photos and footage. (Heather, is that you?)

9 | Doesn’t have the 10 miles long Snowpiercer (below) scold Mélanie quickly enough? Again, the train is 10. Miles. Long.

ten | Should Flash reminded us early in the long-delayed season premiere where MIA Cisco (researching Atlantis) and Caitlin (recovering with her mother) were? Zinnia, TVLine reader, asks, “Why was HR on Nash’s mind with the others? He died before the crisis and shouldn’t be alive in it. Finally, did Flash Clark Kent name verification draws more attention to the fact that Superman and Lois hasn’t even mentioned Kara yet?

11 | blackish viewers: On a scale from cute to scary, what did we think of the mom thing as Junior and Jack’s girlfriend?

Superman and Lois12 | Was not Superman and LoisIs Jonathan strangely relaxing at the thought of moving to Smallville, dropping out of high school where he’s BMOC, and missing his turn as the starting QB? Also, if Clark should he show a bit more discretion when you float around the house to make repairs?

13 | Did this week Prodigal son making Edrisa and her crush on Malcolm even more ridiculous than usual? She’s a smart, grown-up woman, so why is she presented as a distraught 12-year-old girl?

14 | Did Young Rock invent a time machine and get out of the past? The cast of these legendary wrestlers is perfect!

15 | NBC Family game fight the ad touted Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard as “America’s funniest husband and wife team.” Has the glove been put on for Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam? Are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in a special “senior” division? Also, can you imagine if Family game fight, ABC Family food fight and that of NBC Hollywood game night all broadcast the same night?

16 | What is it with everything The ConnersMulan the references? And Dan, among all the people, would he have known the price of the film with Disney + Premier Access, to quickly calculate that four rentals would cost $ 120? Plus, why did they invent a neighbor we had never heard of with a vendetta against Roseanne? Couldn’t they have said that the gravestone next to hers belonged to Kathy “Needle-Butt” Bowman? Finally, how would Jackie go about shaking Roseanne’s plot without Dan’s approval?

17 | Should we add The SEAL team‘s “Jason’s son” (we can’t even remember his Last name!) to our list of missing TV characters? Also how badly did you cringe when Sonny horribly hurts terribly handled Hannah’s news?

18 | Everyone hopes that Foreign residentIsabelle returns to New York as soon as possible? (Elvy Yost is adorable, but her character just doesn’t seem to freeze.)

19 | Was The challengeIs CT wrong in declaiming and raving like he did when he ditched Big T for Killa Kam? And do you wonder what this season would have been like without all the medical DQs and quits? It looks like we’ve lost the strongest players of the season against everything but the crater.

Party Down canceled20 | Should we be worried that none of the To partyIs the original cast of Confirmed for Return for Revival? Could it be a Scrubs-type situation, where Adam Scott’s Henry is now the new boss of a new group of young waiters-caterers?

21 | We know they’re not officially engaged yet, but what are the odds HypermarketThe series finale takes place at Mateo and Eric’s wedding, where Jonah would inevitably reunite with Amy?

22 | See how B positive is clearly shifting the focus of Drew’s family to the dialysis group, what are the odds that Julia and Maddie like Iceland so much that they just never come back? (Maybe they will find MomRoscoe is here!)

Last man standing23 | Who edits Last man standing? Mike gets to work, tells Ed and Chuck that he’s already gone a few days without eating meat… then in the next scene, Jen throws Mike’s leftovers away for him. start of the meatless diet of the house. And why should Mandy and Kyle move into Kristin and Ryan’s garage? Anyone else renting the place above Bud’s Buds in 2023?

24 | Wasn’t it nice to see MomDoes Wendy finally have a screenplay after all these years?

25 | Will Claricewill the titular heroine be able to patch things up with Ardelia? And will Clarice ever be able to fully trust the rest of the VICAP team?

26 | Now that we have confirmation that ServantUncle George and Aunt May are not Leanne’s family by blood, do you think they’re cult members, real angels… anything else? WTF continues with Roscoe !? And when did Jul-Leanne become a thing?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share! And rest assured, we have a lot WandaVision questions to come!

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