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Her other producing, directing, and writing credits include: The Drive, (A six-time festival award-winning VR film.) We Will Slay, (A short film on women’s empowerment.) and The Story of Sandra Bland, (A VR short film, honoring Sandra Bland and her experience at the hands of injustice.)

Feature: Black Representation in Youth Dramas – Degrassi Case Study


Craig D. Lindsey is a writer, critic and Dame Helen Mirren fan who has written for Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, The Guardian, The AV Club, Nashville Scene, Village Voice, Vulture, and other publications & outlets. He lives in Houston, Texas.

Review: Flux Gourmet


David Moses is a California based actor and writer who remains actively involved in the analysis of the performances of actors, the craft and technique of the character of film through blogs, vlogs and panel discussions. 

An actor for 13 years, a writer all his life and even a stand up comic for 5, he extends a sense of humor and the actors perspective to each of his write-ups and commentary on film; from TV to the big/silver screen. In his spare time David continues to hone his skills in his other interest, as a sketch artist, or spends time with his close-knit brothers & family or friends. 

Review: Loot Wastes the Talents of Maya Rudolph


Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-born freelance writer currently living in Chicago, IL. Her work is often personal narratives on Blackness, queerness, and pop culture and has been featured in VogueAutostraddleThrillist, and many others. 

She is terrified of mermaids & teenagers and you can find her on Twitter at @Hishelli screaming about both.

Review: FX’s The Bear Feels Like a New Chicago Classic


Sherin Nicole is a writer, an author, and may also be a covert agent. There are whispers the CIA offered her a scholarship to college (but that’s classified). After graduating from Howard University she worked in a variety of creative spheres, before returning to grow the radio upstart she helped to launch. By day, she’s an agent provocateur as chief creative officer at idobi Network. By night, she writes for and produces content for geeks and nerds alike on the Geek Girl Riot radio show, as well as for publications like,, and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists (AWFJ). She is also a Black Reel Awards voter. Culturally, Sherin is half American, half British, and very southern; right down to the accent and love of grits. Government reports show a residence in DC but Sherin spends most of her time on the astral plane and hopes to meet you there. 

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