Me Time movie review & film summary (2022)

Slide in plenty of booze, poop, and masturbation jokes at your own risk. They come in hoards in “Me Time”—predictably, a few land and the rest of them don’t. Still, there is something endearing at the heart of this farce from writer/director John Hamburg, the scribe behind the popular likes of “Zoolander,” “Meet the Parents,” “Along Came Polly,” and “I Love You, Man.” Search this sometimes clunky, sometimes over-plotted story and you will find worthwhile pursuits in it. Among them are a goodhearted portrait of an unconventional heterosexual marriage where the woman is the breadwinner, a celebration of friendship, and a few genuinely funny and unexpected moments that almost make up for the painfully clumsy special effects.

Hart plays Sonny, the aforementioned Mr. Mom. Our introduction to him happens in his 20s on an extravagant and adventurous birthday trip for Huck (Wahlberg), who lives for danger and habitually spends beyond his means. We grasp that the risk-taker Huck pushes the limits of the safety-minded, comparably square Sonny—and in a good way, if their skydiving experience that rejuvenates the initially reluctant Sonny is any indication. But then we cut to years later to find Sonny having minimal contact with Huck after a series of quests together. He’s now settled as a responsible adult with his distinguished architect wife Maya (Regina Hall) and two kids for whom he’s the primary caregiver.

Credit to “Me Time” for not portraying Sonny as a “stuck and miserable” guy—the man truly enjoys (and is good at) preparing elaborate meals, eagerly presiding the PTA at his kids’ school, and being altogether a great father, while Maya sometimes struggles to recall her kids’ tastes and medical needs. And make no mistake here: “Me Time” doesn’t ever dare demonize Maya as a clichéd “cold evil career woman.” This is a movie that accepts and understands on a surprisingly efficient level that if it’s societally accepted for a successful working man to fall behind on certain parental duties guilt free, it should absolutely be that way for a woman, too.

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