‘Manifest’ season 3 poster reveals 828’s new passenger, promises ‘truth’

Drawing inspiration from the watery grave (apparently?) Of flight 828, NBC’s third season poster Manifesto finds the main characters staring into the water, hoping that “the truth will surface”.

Shown in full below, the Season 3 poster – if you flip it over, but be careful with your laptop! – also reveals the new character of Angelina, an 828 passenger played by Americans“Holly Taylor. (As noted in a recent Inside Line column, we first meet Angelina in the opening minutes of the new season, and it’s do not in the best case.)

In the spirit of the unfolding truths, showrunner Jeff Rake told TVLine at a recent press event that big things really will happen in 13-episode Season 3, which airs Thursdays at 8 / 7c. (from April 1).

“I think the public is going to feel happy because it’s a very hectic season,” he said. “I know that at times in season 1 or season 2 the show was charged, with love, not to advance the ball enough, that the burn is too slow. Well my strong suspicion is that season 3 will be do not be accused of this. There’s a lot of forward momentum, a lot of card tricks and a parcel big surprises. It will be a very satisfying experience for people who can’t wait for things to happen.


When Manifesto Season 3 opens, Ben and Saanvi (played by Josh Dallas and Parveen Kaur) take a deep dive on the rear fin of Flight 828, which was found off Cuba by a boat named San Antonio Treasure; the married life of Michaela and Zeke (Melissa Roxburgh and Matt Long) will be “thrown an unexpected key”, including when they move in with a “third party”; a long-lost character will make a shocking reappearance; and Jared (JR Ramirez) will have a complicated new romantic-type relationship.

On the casting front, in addition to Taylor’s debut, Will Peltz (Euphoria) will return as Levi, teaching assistant at the university where Ben works, whose expertise in archeology puts him in contact with Olive (Luna Blaise); Warner Miller (Marvel’s Luke Cage) will play Tarik, the estranged half-brother of Grace (Athena Karkanis) who reluctantly agrees to help the Stones when they have nowhere to turn; Mahira Kakkar (BBC A decent boy) will return as Dr. Aria Gupta, a researcher studying the phenomena surrounding Flight 828; and Ali Lopez-Sohaili will play Eagan Tehrani, a passenger whose photographic memory turns out to be a major asset to Ben.

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