‘HSMTMTS’ Season 2 Date – Watch the New Disney + Trailer [VIDEO]

It’s with the old, with the new. Goodbye gray skies, hello sky of… in fact, the sky is still pretty gray in the trailer that just came out for season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, premiering Friday, May 14 on Disney +.

But maybe we’re right in our feelings about Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) and Ricky (Joshua Bassett) having to turn to a long-distance relationship, after accepting the former to a prestigious interim conservatory in Chicago. “It’s a big deal for me,” Nini says in the trailer. “But, honestly, Ricky is a big deal for me too.

Newcomer Lily (Days of our lives‘Olivia Rose Keegan), who informs Ricky of her interest in no uncertain terms. “Looks like your girlfriend wants some space,” she told him. “Let me know if you are looking for one that doesn’t.”

And then there’s Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders), who is so determined to crush her old classmate (Derek Hough) at the Alan Menken Awards, she totally gives up on her production plan. High School Musical 2, opting instead for a classic Menken – The beauty and the Beast.

Season 2 of HSM: TM: TS Also stars Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Larry Saperstein, Julia Lester, Dara Reneé, Frankie Rodriguez, Joe Serafini and Mark St. Cyr. Additional guests include Roman Banks, Andrew Barth Feldman (Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen) and Asher Angel (Andi Mack).

Press PLAY on the video below for your first look at Season 2, then leave a comment with your reactions.

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