How lucrative is the idea of ​​a Christopher Reeve biopic with Henry Cavill in mind? : movies

I’m not here to stress the importance of the fact that Christopher Reeve is one of those legends of the film industry who truly deserves a biopic made about him but hasn’t got one yet. Even after 17 years of his death, would you believe it!

(For those who don’t follow, here are some reference why he needs a biopic)

And who else to play the original Man of Steel onscreen other than the current Man of Steel, Henry Cavill himself! If I remember correctly, there is even a scene in Steel man which fans mistook for a Christopher Reeve tribute because Cavill looked so much like Reeve in that scene. Later, of course, Snyder admitted it was just a coincidence. But anyway, you understand why I’m asking Henry to play Christopher in his biopic now!

This idea struck me today when I was watching this video on YouTube where Christopher Reeve receives a standing ovation at the Oscars. Dude, what a legend! Made me shed a few tears ngl.

I would like to know what you think of this idea. Feel free to suggest changes, add, or clearly disagree with that – I don’t care what you do as long as you do something and we have this discussion, and I hope to create a buzz about it. topic in the community. That’s all!

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