‘Good Girls’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – ‘Grandma Loves Grisham’

Last week’s episode of Good girls served the tasty treat that Beth’s crime boss had her own boss, and this intriguing information was exactly what Beth needed to gain leverage from Secret Service agents Dave and Phoebe. On Sunday, we finally got a glimpse of life at home in Rio and learned that the tall, creepy character he responds to is… his grandmother?

While Beth worked deeper into the Rio family business, Annie hid an innocent secret from Ben, as financial pressure pressured Ruby and Stan to find their own stampede. (These women know how to stay busy!) Read on for a recap of all the latest developments.

It’s been a while since we last saw Tyler, the security guard turned acting manager of Annie’s former employer, but at the start of the episode he finds himself facing the face with the three armed and masked women. What’s going to happen in the world? We jump to “Days Early” to unbox the last drawing.

Annie is playing all kinds of shadow, trying to sneak out of her apartment early. After refusing to tell Ben what’s in his backpack (he guesses guns, drugs and body parts because he has this much faith in her poor mother), we see her opening a textbook in a GED prep class. Will she pass this time?

Dean is back home, but he still doesn’t have a clue how Beth settled her freedom. Not-so-minor detail: He’s stuck within a three-block radius of their house, thanks to an ankle bracelet.

The women meet Phoebe and Dave, who explain clearly to the DGAF the financial difficulties of the women. Beth wakes up one day with a new plan and starts knitting new masks. The looks on Ruby and Annie’s faces say it all.

Meanwhile, Phoebe starts wearing eye shadow after complimenting Beth on her eye makeup. Dave casually remarks (“What did you do to your face?”), Then regaled her with a tale of her old friendship with a criminal informant who burned her down. He warns her that women are do not his friends. “I understand,” Phoebe said. “I’m going to make her my bitch, okay?”

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6Annie invites Tyler to her apartment to inquire about his “exciting new job,” and almost immediately the women go into planning mode. It’s a “suicide mission” that will take forever. Beth’s response? “Perfect.”

Tyler works in security at a jeweler, so Ruby walks her motorized wheelchair into the store to shoot a reconnaissance video. The ladies later embark on the killing spree, cutting enough diamonds to make Rihanna proud. When Tyler shows up late for work (he has donuts, so we let things slide), it’s clear that he and the women have concocted a plan. In the next scene, the women sit across from Dave and Phoebe after being (intentionally) arrested. Officers tell them that despite the squirt guns used by the women in the masquerade, the armed robbery will save them another 5 to 10 years.

“We’re just trying to make a living,” Beth tells them. But Beth knows exactly what she does. When she gives up on the fact that Rio’s boss wants to meet her, the agents straighten up and agree to put the women on the payroll. Their risky plan works, and Ruby is back home, counting benjis in her kitchen. She tells Stan about her own plan that involves the fake designer bags from last week, and says he should introduce Gene.

Annie arrives to take her GED test and tries to pay the proctor to get a passing grade. (Will this girl ever learn?) He clearly shuts her down.

It’s time for Beth to meet the boss. Dave and Phoebe connect it and offer their best tips for getting out of sticky situations: “Improvise”. Useful.

Josh shows himself drunk on Annie like a skunk after his bachelor party. He doesn’t want to get married after all. After a funny toilet humor that I love so as not to recap, Annie gets right to the point: “Do you really want to be with me, or you just don’t want to be with her?” Her face is filled with uncertainty.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6Beth meets Rio in the “burbs” and finally meets her patron grandmother. His extended family is all there and taken care of, as Rio shares that Beth works for him. He puts his hand on Beth’s back Verrrry near where her thread is, so she apologizes in the bathroom to get out of this jam.

She removes the microphone and hides it behind some John Grisham paperbacks on a bookcase. Rio appears in the doorway. “Did you get it again?” Grandma loves Grisham. He tells her that family and business are the same thing and that they wanted to meet her to see if she was “good enough”. Beth then unbuckles her belt, but he shakes it, choosing to pull it up instead. They have an edit-style quickie before Rio says, “Hey … they like you.” (It seems he always does too!) Sooo, mission accomplished, then?

Ben is annoyed to find Annie and Josh kissing. After Annie explained that “it wasn’t that” she proceeded to take her GED exam. They check her test results and… she passed!

Stan comes home and tells Ruby he “got cut”. Their living room is littered with fake bags as far as the eye can see! How much money they will earn will depend on how much they can sell the fakes.

Back at the Bolands, Dean is frustrated with his ankle monitor, which he says is a new form of prison. Beth asks the children to turn up the volume on the television, then she starts talking.

Does Phoebe just want to be friends with women, and what exactly did Beth say to Dean? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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