‘FBI’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 12 – Jubal’s Family Crisis

Jubal could really be using positive vibes right now. This week FBI saw the deputy special agent in charge facing a personal crisis while taking a case that struck close to home.

The hour began with the revelation that Jubal’s son Tyler had been extremely ill in recent weeks. According to Samantha, doctors performed a blood test and found her results “worrying”, suggesting they should probably see a specialist. While clearly worried about Tyler, Jubal insisted his son was fine before he got down to work.

The team’s latest case involved Nicole, a doctor who had been kidnapped by masked men at gunpoint outside the hospital where she worked. They found a person of interest in Doctor Lucas Caldwell, who was driving the same car that was used in Nicole’s kidnapping. However, a search of his upscale apartment revealed that he too had been taken away by the same masked men.

FBI Season 3The case baffled the team as the two doctors had no professional or personal connection with each other. After some research, however, the team began to put the pieces together. Caldwell partnered with an anesthesiologist to run an underground clinic where they performed illegal organ transplants. When Caldwell’s partner was placed in a medically induced coma following a serious car accident, he needed a new anesthesiologist, hence Nicole’s abduction.

The team discovered other leads, including a young man named Petro who sold his kidney for money and told officers Caldwell performed the operation. Petro’s lab results matched a 12-year-old boy whose father Octavio, a high-ranking Mexican soldier, had worked with Caldwell to get his son a new kidney.

A conversation with Octavio’s wife painted a clearer picture: They’ve been trying to get their son Tony a kidney transplant for 10 months, but to no avail. Octavio became desperate after exhausting all other avenues.

The team followed Caldwell’s clinic to a warehouse in Brooklyn, where Caldwell was performing the operation on Tony. As everyone prepared to enter the hostage situation, Jubal walked away to take a call from Samantha about Tyler’s status. Samantha’s update wasn’t reassuring: the doctors were still doing tests, and talking to Tyler at the time wasn’t a good idea because he was already so scared.

Despite his growing concern for his son, Jubal pushed these feelings deep inside him and focused on the matter at hand. His crew couldn’t go with guns without risking Tony’s life as well as hostages Nicole and Caldwell. The situation worsened when one of Octavio’s men started the fire and Caldwell was wounded and bled. A telephone exchange between Octavio and his wife revealed that Octavio would not budge on his request for a new doctor to perform his son’s kidney transplant, even if it meant he would die.

Realizing that they weren’t getting anywhere on the phone, Jubal came up with a new approach: pretending to be the new surgeon and talking about Octavio face to face. Going forward with his plan, Jubal again attempted to reason with Octavio. Their tense exchange brought more of Octavio’s story to the fore. He never wanted to hurt anyone, but he had no other option since the doctors didn’t care about his family since they were undocumented and uninsured. He turned to Caldwell, who agreed to help him until his partner had this accident and back out of their deal. He did what he had to do for his child.

FBI Season 3A sniper found a clear shot to take out Octavio, but Jubal blocked him and continued his attempts to reason with Octavio from father to father. No reasoning, including telling Octavio that he would have done the same if he had been in this situation, was going to move the desperate father. Either Jubal would perform the operation, or Octavio would kill him with Nicole. With Octavio refusing to back down, Jubal made the choice to step out of the firing line and allow the sniper to take him out.

In the process, Caldwell and Tony were rushed to hospital, and a shaken Jubal finally got the call he had been waiting for all day. Unfortunately, it contained bad news. Jubal slumped into a car and was barely about to choke out words to Maggie that Tyler had been diagnosed with leukemia.

In a touching final scene, Jubal visited his sleeping son and assured him – through tears, you notice – that he was fine and living a “whole, full and beautiful life.” What a punch.

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