Fancy some spaghetti? Sergio Leon’s “Once Upon a Time in The West” extended cut is on YouTube for free: movies

Once upon a Time in the West

From the description:

Now for the first time we can see the original uncut version of this monumental epic by Sergio Leone. The image itself is as large as its Monument Valley locations, as large as its beautiful, distinguished cast, as harsh and debauched as any kid imagines the Old West. Henry Fonda plays the darkest character in his long career, and he’s utterly convincing as Frank, the ruthless murderous psychopath who suffers no pain of conscience after wiping out an entire family. Jason Robards is the half-breed falsely accused of the terrible massacre. Charles Bronson plays The Man, who remembers how his brother was brutally tortured. Brilliantly produced by Sergio Leone, this glorious painting restored the “Western significance of cinematic art”.


Charles Bronson

Claudia Cardinale

Henry fonda

Jason robardsJr.

Gabriele Ferzetti

Frank Wolff

Keenan wynn

Lionel stander

Jack elam

Woody strode

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