Disney’s Dinosaur (2000) deserves another shot. : movies

Yeah, another article on a remake. Well, not exactly. Many of us have seen, or at least heard of, Disney’s 2000 live-action / CGI film Dinosaur. It is the story of a migration of herds of dinosaurs after a huge meteor shower destroyed their homeland. Their story is nothing special, but what was special was the idea of ​​making the film. The idea of Dinosaur came on the set of another family tale, RoboCop. Legendary special effects artist Phil Tippet pitched the idea to director Paul Verhooven and they got the green light from Disney to start working on it in 1988. The original film was going to be a mix of live-action and stop motion. and would lead to the Cretaceous – Paleogene extinction event in which all the cute adorable characters we spent an hour and a half with were cremated.

After Disney decided it wasn’t good to end a multi-million dollar children’s film, they brought in Thomas Smith, who at the time had only directed a handful of shorts. documentaries, but was the general manager of the leading visual effects studio. , ILM. He had the idea of ​​bringing in trained lemurs to act alongside stop motion / puppets. The film fell into development hell once it was learned that Spielberg was working on a digital Jurassic Park and remained in purgatory until the release of Jurassic Park and was a huge success. It was then that the idea was born to combine Live Action sets and CGI animals / dinosaurs, which was totally unprecedented at the time. This is also the time when it became a lot more Disney and it was established that dinosaurs and animals would talk, so far it would have been a completely dialogue-free film after the migration.

The movie we got is a far cry from what was originally offered, and while it wasn’t great, it wasn’t a masterpiece either. The idea of ​​using CGI in the context of live action goes back to the effects and keeps them from holding up, and even back in the days I remember, when I was 10 years old, I thought it would. looked a little weird. The technology wasn’t there to make something that could stand the test of time with such intense effects, and unfortunately it shows. But, given Disney’s insistence on remaking their classic cartoons in “live action,” meaning photorealistic CGI, I honestly can’t think of a better property they could use this technology with. I would like to see a new version of Treasure planet or Atlantis: The Lost Empire, but the amazing effects shown in Lion King (2019) I think Dinosaur should get another blow with technology that lives up to the concept and would be absolutely amazing if it was redone.

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