Cinephile Chains On At Utah Theater In Final Attempt To Save It From Demolition: Movies

How about … save your money, form a collective, and buy the theater as a community. Then you can record it, perform it yourself, and learn after losing thousands of dollars why they couldn’t afford to keep the doors open anymore … because studios are hungry for profit sharing (in u watching u / disney) and people are still weary of going out to big events after covid. Maybe … at the best of times … if you and other members of your community own some of this, you’ll go see more movies and invest more to make it profitable enough to stay open.

I know it’s easier to chain yourself to it, but it’s less effective at doing anything other than getting you arrested or escorted off the property.

EDIT: By you I don’t mean OP, I mean people trying to save any local theater. They won’t stay if they don’t earn money. our entertainment is not a charity.

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