Chris Terrio talks about his work experience at the DCEU: movies

Looks like he finds a bunch of excuses for poorly written movies. What’s his excuse for the abomination that is Rise of the Skywalker? Is this someone else’s fault too, or does he take credit for the shortcomings of this film? The only thing in common with all these films directed by Snyder is that no one wants to take the respective credit for the failures of these films. If it’s not the executives blaming the filmmakers, it’s the filmmakers blaming the executives, then Snyder tries to blame audiences for not understanding his movies like he’s fucking King Lear. Idk why these guys can’t just come out and say hey, I believe in my job, but what we’ve done is obviously below what the general audience average and move on with everything. The fucking movie came out 5 years ago, we still have those crazy headlines.

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