“ Are you the only one? ”: Drugged Gianna Hammer, sexual assault on season 5

MTV suspends dating contest production Are you the chosen one? after a former contestant alleged she was drugged and sexually assaulted while filming.

Gianna Hammer, a candidate for season 5, released in 2017, tells The daily beast she was given prescription drugs by the production to calm her down after an argument with a cast member. (Her doctor told her not to take the drug while drinking alcohol, but the producers allegedly told her that “the dose was not high enough” to be a problem.) Shortly after, Hammer lost knowledge and does not remember what happened, but other contestants later told her that she slept with a male cast member and said “no” before she was pulled from the read by colleagues.

The next day, according to Hammer, the producers asked her if she wanted the male actor kicked out, stressing that “it would be a lot to fire him.” They ultimately decided to move the male actor to another bedroom and ban him and Hammer from drinking alcohol for the remainder of the shoot, Hammer alleges. “I suppose [I] I really thought about it and I was like, ‘Wow, that was really f-ked up,’ ”she told the Daily Beast. “They should never have left me in a dangerous position. I am definitely a changed person after all. “

MTV, which was planning a ninth season of the show, said in a statement, “We take these issues very seriously and have suspended production / casting to independently investigate the allegations, the third-party production company and review in more detail our internal security. protocols. »Hammer season Are you the chosen one? was also ripped from all streaming platforms, including Paramount +.

The production company of the show Lighthearted Entertainment denies Hammer’s allegations and says that “throughout the show’s eight seasons, no contestant has reported an incident of sexual assault to Lighthearted. However, they also say they welcome the MTV investigation and “will cooperate in full transparency.”

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